4th October 2018

Is virtual reality the future of in-flight entertainment? (The Economist)

“FIRST there were the overhead televisions showing films. Then seatback entertainment screens were introduced. More recently, many airlines have introduced in-flight entertainment services that can be accessed on passenger smartphones via the aircraft’s wi-fi system. Could the next step in the evolution of in-flight entertainment be virtual-reality goggles?"

2nd October 2018

[VIDEO] SkyLights Selected for Hangar 51 Global Accelerator Program (APEX)

“For the next 10 weeks, SkyLights will be based in London to work with mentors and experts from IAG Group, where it will have access to the resources needed to develop, shape and test its products. At the end of the program, the company will then take part in a demo day in the UK’s capital city on December 14, 2018."

28th September 2018

Stelia, Skylights unveil in-seat 3D-VR headset, speakers and seat control (Runway Girl Network)

“While previous brief demonstrations of Skylights have focussed on the VR functionality, your author watched some thirty minutes of a Hollywood blockbuster movie aboard the Lufthansa Flying Lab passenger experience technology demonstration flight from Munich to Boston for APEX EXPO, and there is a certain something about being able to lean your head back and have the content follow the eye.”

27th September 2018

26th September 2018

VR In The Skies: Alaska Airlines Partners With Skylights To Launch Allosky In First Class (Forbes)

“I’m excited to get a chance to try the Allosky out for myself—I would love to have a VR headset to wear on such a long flight. I have traveled before with my own VR headsets like the Oculus Go, but it’s a hassle to set up content ahead of time, pre-charge the headset, and find a place to carry it in the limited space I have in my carry-on bags. I believe that the Allosky is a very compelling device, and it presents airlines and other transportation services a great opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors.”

25th September 2018

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24th September 2018

Movie theater in the sky? Alaska trials VR entertainment at 35,000 feet (Alaska Airlines)

“I’m really excited to see this technology onboard. I was impressed with SkyLight’s Allosky headset early on as it’s the smallest, lightest, and most stylish VR headset in the inflight entertainment market,” said David Scotland, Alaska Airlines Manager of Inflight Entertainment and Connectivity. “These trials will help us understand how comfortable our guests are using the technology, if they prefer it to our current offerings, and let our flight attendants share feedback about its impact to our inflight service flow.”

24th September 2018

Alaska Airlines is trying to make VR part of its first-class experience (TechCrunch)

Today, Alaska Airlines announced that it will be partnering with Skylights to bring the startup’s latest hardware to a couple of its routes in a pilot (ha) program.

Skylights launched out of Y Combinator’s accelerator a couple of years ago with the focus of making VR the go-to entertainment choice for airline passengers. This is the startup’s first partnership with an airline in the U.S.; they’ve preciously worked with European airlines including Emirates and XL Airways.

22nd September 2018

21st August 2018

SkyLights uses VR gear and Fox films to entertain kids on long flights (VentureBeat)

French-American company SkyLights today officially announced Skykids, a new VR entertainment system designed to entertain 6- to 12-year-olds on long-haul flights.

Skykids starts with a small-sized “wearable cinema” called Bravo Theatre, enabling kids to watch a selection of curated 2D, 3D, and forward-facing 360-degree films without leaving their seats. Over-ear headphones are provided for audio, and a child-friendly video catalog from 20th Century Fox is available for kids to choose from.

16th August 2018

Lufthansa FlyingLab to Give Travelers a Treat en Route to APEX EXPO (APEX Media)

Lufthansa and Lufthansa Systems are bringing their tried and tested FlyingLab to APEX EXPO for the first time. On September 22, Lufthansa will treat guests on board Flight LH424 from Munich to Boston to an exclusive pre-conference event....Passengers will be able to try SkyLights’ AlloSky VR headset and a functional prototype of Natalie Peters’ Feelflight blanket.

1st July 2018

Virtual reality takes centre stage for IFE (Asian Aviation)

Virtual Reality (VR) is gaining traction as a viable form of in-flight entertainment, with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) recently promoting VR at its annual general meeting in Sydney, Australia as a means to improve the flying experience.

26th June 2018

Meet the 21-Year-Old CEO Revolutionizing Luxury Air Travel (Forbes)

In 2016, at just 20 years old, Futernick founded ZED Aerospace: a Miami-based startup dedicated to developing innovative in-flight technologies, funded by investors from the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. The company’s first product, AURA, aims to bridge the gap between commercial transport and private jet charter services, promising to deliver ultra-luxurious air travel at relatively affordable rates...amenities include complimentary use of an iPad Pro and a cinematic VR headset by SkyLights.

6th June 2018

On board Joon, the new airline for millennials (The Telegraph)

In terms of bells and whistles, undoubtedly the most progressive of them all are the VR headsets you can rent for €15 (£13), which enable you to watch films and documentaries in 2D, 3D and 180-degree virtual reality. This really does make for an incredible viewing experience.

11th April 2018

SkyLights tackles VR IFE safety head-on (Inflight)

SkyLights, the American-French company that leverages cinematic Virtual Reality (VR) as premium passenger entertainment, has demonstrated its commitment to safety announcing DO-160 certification of its Allosky headset during this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

3rd April 2018

UAE airlines Emirates and Etihad announce VR trials (Gulf Business)

Abu Dhabi’s Etihad said today it would introduce SkyLights Aero Virtual Reality entertainment headsets at its first class and business class lounges at Abu Dhabi International Airport’s Terminal 3. Emirates made a similar announcement on Thursday saying it would trial the same headsets at Dubai International’s Concourse B business lounge during April and first class lounge during May.

1st April 2018

Emirates launches Virtual Reality headsets at Dubai Airport (Time Out Dubai)

Now you can immerse yourself in a 3D cinematic experience at Dubai International Airport. As well as featuring any number of restaurants, an in-terminal spa and loads of shopping options, Emirates is now providing Skylights theatre headsets to customers in DXB.

26th March 2018




26th February 2018

JAL tests out new offering from SkyLights (PAX International)

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JAL) recently showed SkyLights’ Cinematic VR Entertainment to a delegation of VIP guests traveling at the end of January between Japan, India and Sri Lanka.

11th January 2018

The battle for business class passengers (PeterGreenberg.com)

For entertainment, Air France is now in partnership with virtual reality technology company SkyLights to offer immersive in-flight entertainment headsets. These personal devices provide passengers 2D and 3D virtual reality experiences. This gives them one of the most innovative business class entertainment systems on the market. 

30th November 2017

SkyTeam brings virtual cinema to Dubai lounge (Arabian Aerospace)

SkyTeam is teaming up with high-tech company SkyLights to transform its Dubai lounge into a virtual movie theater. For a limited time, customers can watch multimedia content on immersive Bravo headsets and enjoy the latest cinematic VR technology before they fly. The ‘Virtual Cinema’ pilot is part of SkyTeam’s strategy to deliver an innovative and memorable experience each time customers visit one of the alliance’s seven branded lounges. 

27th September 2017

25th September 2017

SkyLights' next-gen VR headset AlloSky takes flight at APEX (Runway Girl Network)

AlloSky offers up an array of new features including full HD resolution (1080p each eye), a 60% weight reduction to its predecessor (the Bravo Theater), and state-of-the-art dioptric correction to cater to the eyesight of all passengers. As part of the solution’s inauguration SkyLights is running an early-access launch program with Air France, Joon, gategroup, AccorHotels, Corsair and Jetfly.

13th August 2017

Air France trials virtual reality (Business Traveller)

Air France is trialling SkyLights virtual reality entertainment in their business class. From the start of August a limited number of headsets will be available onboard their A340 flights between Paris CDG and St Martin. Air France confirm that the solution "could be rolled out on other flights in the months ahead".

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14th July 2017

French railway SNCF adopts SkyLights VR headsets (VR World)

SkyLights deploys its immersive entertainment solution onboard SNCF's TGV link between Paris and Milan. The service, a first in European rail travel, allows first class passengers to enjoy the latest blockbuster films and trending series in 2D and 3D on their own personal movie screen.

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12th July 2017

SkyLights secures Air France investment and wins innovation award (French Tech Hub)

SkyLights was named the first company to secure investment from Air France's new fundraising program aimed towards nurturing innovation. On the same day the American French company was also awarded 'Les As De L'Innovation' award at the Paris Air Forum.

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9th June 2017

AccorHotels Group announces pilot launch of SkyLights in Novotel, La Défense (Les Echos)

This Autumn, guests in the executive rooms of  Novotel, La Défese, will be given the opportunity to watch 2D and 3D films and series 

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12th May 2017

1st May 2017

2 page profile of SkyLights in (Inflight Magazine, p.23)

“The company primarily partner’s with airline customer experience managers to help offer their premium passengers a remarkable experience that will differentiate and upgrade their customer journey”

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4th January 2017

VR on planes - SkyLights featured in The Economist

“For travellers who want to get away from the many annoyances of flying— from the screaming child in the next row, the loud conversation across the aisle, the seatback movie selection that seems to consist entirely of lowbrow sequels—SkyLights and similar technology could be a godsend.”

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19th December 2016

SkyLights featured in The New York Times

“For a public increasingly accustomed to nearly ubiquitous internet access, with on-demand video and continuous social media feeds, the airline cabin too often feels like a final, frustrating frontier.”

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23rd November 2016

16th November 2016