VR IFE safety protocol

SkyLights is dedicated to delivering a premium immersive experience that is unique, memorable and ultimately safe. As such, safety protocol has been put in place which is continuously adapted and upgraded in conjunction with regional regulatory bodies and airline specific standards.

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SkyLights solution is DO-160 / RTCA ED14 certified, exceeding the minimum requirements set out by EASA and FAA for gate-to-gate use.

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SkyLights solution significantly reduces the injury risk posed by VR IFE in 3 ways;

  1. Its cinematic focus of 2D & 3D blockbusters displayed on a fixed screen mitigates passenger movement while the small selection of VR experiences are carefully selected to be safe in a cabin environment.
  2. Use of the service is prohibited during taxi, takeoff and landing. Airlines are advised to distribute the service after the first meal service.
  3. A seatbelt sign is displayed at the beginning of every film
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Cabin crew’s ability to communicate effectively with passengers is key in ensuring VR IFE is enjoyed safely. To facilitate this communication, SkyLights offers 3 solutions;

  1. Limited volume level to ensure PA is still audible (immediately available)
  2. A wired solution that pauses the headsets & audio when an announcement is in progress (immediately available)
  3. A wireless solution allowing cabin announcements to be automatically passed through SkyLights’ headsets (integration required)