Offer your guests entertainment they will not forget, with the latest video headset technology and 2D, 3D and 180° content.

SkyLights customisable and airline specific solution is tailored to help;

1. Improve the NPS of your premium passengers
2. Differentiate your customer journey
3. Reinforce your position as an innovative and modern brand

SkyLights end-to-end solution includes:

  • Early window 2D, 3D & 180° content licensing and catalogue management
  • The SkyLights Theater, specially designed for a premium experience inflight
  • Software development and maintenance
  • Ground logistics setup for conditioning, charging, loading, storage, content updating
  • Support, maintenance and continuous upgrade

Positive user feedback onboard hundreds of flights

  • 90% recommendation rate
  • 4h average passenger usage time

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Daily Telegraph interview of SkyLights CEO, geared towards airline executives.

Topics addressed include:

  • Key trends in the airline industry & impact on passengers
  • The value of digital tools & innovation
  • Focus on the future of inflight entertainment & SkyLights