+ Is SkyLights' solution deployed today?

Since its first inflight deployment with XL Airways in December 2016, Skylights’ solution has been flying every day and available in the lounge with airlines such as Air France, Alaska Airlines and Garuda Indonesia offering the service to their premium passengers. From over 1500 surveys conducted on these flights, SkyLights has a recorded 90% average passenger recommendation rate and an average usage time between 3-4 hours.

In addition, SkyLights solution has been introduced to business and first class airline lounges in collaboration with Emirates, Etihad, SriLankan Airlines, Air France and SkyTeam.

While inflight and airline lounges constitute SkyLights core business, deployments and trials have also been conducted on trains, ferries and in hotels.

+ What are the advantages of SkyLights' VR IFE over other IFE alternatives?

SkyLights' solution offers airlines improved flexibility, differentiation and onboard experience in comparison to other IFE alternatives.

Similar to W-IFE and Mobile IFE, SkyLights VR solution can be installed quickly and without significant CAPEX. It is leased on a yearly basis ensuring airlines benefit from the latest technological advancements as they happen.

In comparison to other forms of IFE, SkyLights' entertainment excels in quality of experience, offering an immersive environment that creates a feeling of space and privacy onboard. It allows passengers to watch full HD content in 3D, 2D and 180°/360° VR with a field of view that is more than double that offered by other IFE systems. Furthermore, unlike other IFE systems it can be enjoyed in any sitting/lying position.

+ What about passenger announcements?

It can be considered that when using VR IFE passengers are in a state comparable to sleep - their hearing and vision are impaired. Thus, the main concern is passengers will not hear passenger announcements. Today, there are three main solutions to this;

  1. Limited volume level to ensure PA is still audible
  2. A wired solution that pauses the headsets & audio when an announcement is in progress
  3. A wireless solution allowing cabin announcements to be automatically passed through SkyLights’ headsets (integration required)

+ Can you wear eye correction glasses?

Yes, SkyLights’ Allosky headset has focus adjustments ranging from -6 to +2 diopters. With these focus levers and an interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment passengers can remove their eye correction glasses and correct the focus for their eyes.

+ Do passengers suffer from VR sickness?

When watching VR content, users can be affected by motion sickness resulting from the incongruity between signals sent to the brain from visual stimuli and the vestibular system (sense of balance). This can be either caused by content that stimulates the brain to expect acceleration (e.g. a VR rollercoaster) or by a lag in the head tracking system.

SkyLights circumvents this challenge in 3 ways. Firstly, it focuses on providing an immersive cinematic experience; meaning 2D & 3D films featured on a fixed screen. When the user moves their head the screen moves with them, mitigating the risk of VR sickness completely.

Secondly, for forward-facing 360° content, of course the head tracking is enabled. However, through the careful selection of gentle and non-interactive content, the potential of feeling nauseas is alleviated.

Thirdly, the headsets used have an imperceptible lag in the head tracking system, further reducing the risk.

+ How do the headsets get onboard, cleaned & serviced?

SkyLights works directly with airline logistics partners such as Dutyfly Solutions, LSG & GMF AeroAsia to clean, update and load/offload headsets.

In conjunction with these partners it applies a strict hygiene policy. To ensure the headsets are perfectly clean for every user, each headset is only available to one person during a flight and after landing it is meticulously cleaned, sanitized, and the foam cushioning is changed.

+ Where does the content come from?

SkyLights’ Allosky headset has up to 256GB of memory that enables some 50 Full HD films to be stored internally.

This content is licensed directly from SkyLights' studio partners and includes 2D & 3D Hollywood blockbusters, VR experiences, trending series, travel and nature documentaries, independent films and wellness content.

By opting to store films internally, SkyLights has been granted access to early-window content from Hollywood studios such as Warner Brother and Lionsgate.

In addition to content stored internally, SkyLights’ Allosky headset has the capability to stream additional late window from an aircraft’s W-IFE.

+ Do passengers bump into their surroundings?

Considering this risk, SkyLights decided to specialize in a lie-back viewing experience of films in 2D and 3D, as well as carefully selected VR suitable to view inflight. This approach ensures no flailing limbs or crashing into surroundings/other passengers.

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