Soon accepting investments

SkyLights is a leading provider of VR passenger entertainment. With initial traction with some of the world’s leading airlines, we are now preparing for rapid global expansion leveraging our best-in-class AlloSky glasses.

Entering into this new phase, we are running a fundraising campaign with SeedInvest, offering both accredited and non-accredited investors (i.e. everyone 18+) around the world the opportunity to take part in SkyLights growth.

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+ How does it work?

Now investing in private companies is as easy as online shopping thanks to the SeedInvest platform. Through SeedInvest’s strict vetting process investors are presented with only the most promising opportunities. As the platform is open to both accredited and non-accredited investors, we partnered with SeedInvest on this round so our most loyal advocates could benefit from SkyLights growth alongside existing and new investors.

+ Why invest?

Investment in early stage companies as a whole has been found to offer significant returns. In the US venture capital universe, a 26.38% aggregate yearly return over a 5-year period was recorded by The Thomson Reuters Venture Capital Research Index, while NASDAQ only saw 18.47%.

Within this venture asset class, aggregate returns are particularly promising for angel/seed investments, where the Angel Capital Education Foundation saw a 2.5x multiple ROI over a 4.5 year average hold period.

For more information on startup investment returns, balancing your portfolio, tax breaks and funding the future visit

+ Who can invest?

Individuals must be at least eighteen (18) years old to invest through SeedInvest since those younger than that may not be able to form legally enforceable contracts. Generally speaking, SeedInvest facilitates investments by investors no matter where in the world they are located. That being said, some investors may be restricted from investing depending on the jurisdiction in which they live and their local laws and regulations.

For this reason, for example, we currently cannot support investments made by Canadian residents. Canada does represent a bit of an outlier though in that we have successfully worked with investors located all over the world (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America).

+ How do I learn more about the process?

Review the SeedInvest Academy, which has helpful information about crowdfunding, investing, and fundraising (; the SeedInvest Blog, which has topical articles published by various members of the team (; and the SeedInvest FAQs, which have answers to frequent questions from investors and entrepreneurs (

We also invite you to post any questions you may have on our SeedInvest discussion board. If you have SeedInvest-specific questions you can also use the live chat on the platform or email

SkyLights, Inc.  is offering securities under Regulation CF and Rule 506(c) of Regulation D through SI Securities, LLC ("SI Securities"). The Company has filed a Form C with the Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with its offering, a copy of which may be obtained at: