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June 22nd 2017





Air France invests in SkyLights and also presents it with innovation award

At VivaTech, Paris, SkyLights was named the first company to receive investment through Air France's brand new 'T3 Fundraiser' programme.

On the same day SkyLights was presented 'Les As De L'Innovation' award by Air France CEO Franck Terner.

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June 9th 2017


AccorHotels Group announces pilot launch of SkyLights in Novotel, La Défense

This Autumn, guests in the executive rooms of  Novotel, La Défese, will be given the opportunity to watch 2D and 3D films and series in their own personal movie theater.

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May 29th 2017


SkyLights signs a strategic partnership with CSP Inflight Dublin

SkyLights and Inflight Dublin have just launched a strategic partnership, bringing a greater selection of content to SkyLights Immersive Theatres. Read the full press release here

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May 12th 2017

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1st May 2017



2 page article featuring SkyLights in Inflight magazine

“The company primarily partner’s with airline customer experience managers to help offer their premium passengers a remarkable experience that will differentiate and upgrade their customer journey”

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4th April 2017






SkyLights announces new partnerships & launch of 2nd Gen Bravo headset

SkyLights announces a content partnership with Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) to expand its content catalogue with award winning films and series.

At the same time SkyLights names display interactive as a strategic Wireless-IFE partner to pursue immersive entertainment with wireless streaming capabilities.

Finally, SkyLights showcases its Bravo 2nd Gen headset for the first time at AIX. This latest iteration delivers superior comfort and design improvements, and is also compatible with eye correction glasses.

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8th February 2017


SkyLights deployed on XL Airways Fleet

SkyLights Immersive Cinema is deployed across XL, to offer passengers a unique entertainment experience in 2D and 3D.

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4th January 2017



The Economist published an article about SkyLights

“For travellers who want to get away from the many annoyances of flying— from the screaming child in the next row, the loud conversation across the aisle, the seatback movie selection that seems to consist entirely of lowbrow sequels—SkyLights and similar technology could be a godsend.”

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19th December 2016



SkyLights featured in The New York Times 

“For a public increasingly accustomed to nearly ubiquitous internet access, with on-demand video and continuous social media feeds, the airline cabin too often feels like a final, frustrating frontier.”

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23rd November 2016


SkyLights is aired on French national television

The French public channel France 2 broadcasted a report about SkyLights and the Starburst accelerator.

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16th November 2016


Plug & Play shares SkyLights history

In an interview given to Plug & play, SkyLights CEO David Dicko comes back on SkyLights' creation and evolution

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23rd October 2016


SkyLights wins APEX Newcomer award

"Founded in 2015, SkyLights is already shining brightly in the in-flight entertainment industry with its immersive headsets to keep an eye on."

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22nd October 2016





The Washington Post talks about SkyLights experience

Steven Overly from the Washington Post makes an extensive coverage of SkyLights' latest pieces of news.

APEX showcases Bravo headset on its website

The APEX association offered SkyLights a front website page coverage for the Bravo presentation

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20th October 2016







SkyLights introduces new Bravo VR Headset

SkyLight, offering virtual reality (VR) on planes as inflight entertainment (IFE), proudly announces its new Bravo VR headset.

The new Bravo VR headset offers immersive 2D and 3D cinema, cinematic VR support, a revamped headset finish, the capability for wireless streaming, and a new graphical user interface with multilingual audio and subtitle support.

Skylights’ launching partners include 0th Century Fox and multiple airlines. Two of those airlines, as well as a fleet of private jets, will deploy the new Skylights VR IFE solution by the end of 2016. Three other airlines are performing in-flight pilot campaigns.

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25th August 2016



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22nd August 2016






SKYlights ranked second in Techcrunch’s top pick from Y Combinator summer 2016 promotion

Being led by David Dicko, former pilot and airline executive, SKYlights knows how to tackle main industry challenges. 

SKYlights performed during Y Combinator S16 DemoDay

SKYlights pitched along with 43 other startups at Y Combinator and received great reactions from the audience.

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1st August 2016

First pilots of SKYlights on XL Airways gave promising results

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5th February 2016





Discover the SkyLights Theater at the Aircraft Interior Expo in Hamburg!



SkyLights is presenting the SkyLights Theater for the first time in public at the Aircraft Interior Expo in Hamburg. The start-up has developed a new in-flight entertainment system with immersive cinema glasses, offering an experience akin to sitting right in the middle of a movie theater, for 2D and 3D movie-viewing. SkyLights solution includes also a wide range of movies, provided by Twentieth Century Fox and DreamWorks. Already successfully tested on board of XL Airways, the Theater is raising interest from several airlines.

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1st february 2016

Cinema takes off on board of XL Airways with SkyLights

XL Airways has begun to test a new in-flight entertainment system with immersive cinema glasses. SkyLights, a French start-up, developed them specially to satisfy inflight requirements. They offer passengers a unique cinema experience at 30 000 feet. XL Airways is the first airline to test this type of device in Europe.

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