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Paris, August 29th 2016



SKYlights’ promise is held. After its glasses’ official launch at the Aircraft Interior Expo in Hamburg last April, SKYlights is proud to announce that its turnkey solution for airlines is operational and has been successfully tested for the first time. After first test flights in January, the startup’s immersive glasses have been on board the French airline XL Airways during the entire month of May for a commercial pre-deployment phase. The one-stop-shop solution is now launched in collaboration with evert logistic partner.

The SKYlights Theater boarded the XL Airways aircraft in January 2016 for the first time. The airline then tested the immersive cinema glasses on board of four flights towards Antilles and Reunion Island. As this new entertainment solution turned out to be an immediate success, a second test phase has been set up in the spring. The objectives were to validate the passengers’ interest for this service, to collect their remarks and comments on how it works, the content offer and the renting price, and finally to embed the glasses’ route into the aircraft ecosystem (transit, loading, maintenance etc.) in a sustainable way.

For everything to be organized with the operational teams, including the cabin crews, this second phase started at the beginning of May. For the first time, SKYlights’ glasses were fully integrated into on board servicing and were offered for rent to every passenger of all classes. They enthusiastically welcomed the service, just as during the first flights. SKYlights and XL Airways agree that this second phase is a success: the satisfaction rate rises to 95% and comments are extremely positive, including from the crews. The integration of the glasses route into the logistic chain of the aircraft was very smooth and demonstrates how simply this service can be implemented by airlines. 

The operation was very enriching. “We learned a lot from this experience, thanks to everyone involved, in particular from the passengers and the cabin crews”, explains Rateb Zaouk, Chief of Operations by SKYlights. “Results are very encouraging, and we are now ready for the launch.”

More than 55% of the testers even consider buying a SKYlights Theater for their personal use outside of the aircraft.

“Inflight entertainment faces a turning point in its history”, tells Vincent Tomasoni, Head of Product Marketing by XL Airways. “Airlines fight over the screen size, even though new technologies offer new solutions that revolutionize the passenger experience. SKYlights product allows passengers to immerse themselves into a cocoon: their own movie theater, 36 000 feet from the ground. That is a disruptive innovation that could change the way we travel by plane. We will continue to work with SKYlights and hope to agree on a permanent commercialization by the end of the year. As a French company, we are proud to have been the first to test this ‘made in France’ innovation and to offer it to our passengers.”



SKYlights is a American-French start-up based in Redwood City (California), Paris and Toulouse (France). It is part of the Starburst accelerator (Paris), and has set up an office in the IOT Valley in Toulouse where the technical team is settled. SKYlights was founded in February 2015 by Florent Bolzinger (VP Engineering) and David Dicko (CEO). The team has now grown to count 12 members.

SKYlights provides VR on planes as in flight entertainment. The company combines its glasses embedding its own software with content and logistics outside the aircraft.

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Chaired by Laurent Magnin, the airline employs 661 collaborators, and carries each year near to a million of passengers. Based in Roissy - Charles de Gaulle, it operates with a fleet of Airbus A330-300 and -200, and Boeing 737-800 Next Generation.

Leaving from Paris, XL Airways’ long-haul destinations are the United States (New York, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles), the Dominican Republic, Antilles, Mexico, Cuba and the Indian Ocean, also leaving from Lyon and Marseilles. The airline operated also medium-haul flights on a regular basis, leaving from Lille towards the Mediterranean countries.

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