White paper

Virtual Reality IFE - Opportunities & Obstacles Addressed

VR IFE is one of the latest trends being explored throughout the industry. Given its inherent value in a context of limited personal space and long waiting times, it is often touted to be the future of entertainment inflight.

As such, this White Paper aims to provide a comprehensive overview of VR IFE as it stands today and the current opportunities it offers airlines. Insights will be provided on VR's position within the IFE ecosystem, airline use cases, content, and airline opportunities and obstacles

Recommended for managers in : Customer Experience, IFE, Marketing, Strategy and Innovation


1. Introduction  p.5

2. VR and Immersive Cinematic Entertainment defined  p.6

3. VR within the current IFE ecosystem  p.7

4. Airline use cases  p.9

5. Content types and market  p.10

6. Opportunities for airlines  p.12

7. Major obstacles to bringing VR onboard  p.15

8. Conclusion  p.17

9. Bibliography  p.18


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Our Expertise

Over the past 3 years, SkyLights has invested, piloted and deployed its Cinematic VR solution on thousands of flights and in lounges around the world, and has continuously gathered feedback to inform new developments. It has done this with a team whose background is in airline strategy, marketing and operations; content licensing; and hardware and software development.